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  • Never compete for a deal you want ever again.
  • Learn how to source an unlimited supply of off-market deals.
  • Get proven copy/paste outreach campaigns, email templates and call scripts.

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Here's Why You Want This

Instant Know-How

We've spent the last 2 & 1/2 years refining the methods in this course for our high-end buy side clients. We've tested and optimized every step of the process across thousands of generated leads, hundreds of phone calls and dozens of deals. You're getting all of our experience for free! No guessing, no trial and error. Just instant know-how.

No Competition

We'll be teaching you to source off-market deals. This means no one else is competing with you for the business. So you'll be able to make the right offer without the pressure of worrying that other buyers may win the deal out from under you. It's just you and the seller.

Hidden Income

And because our methods are so effective, we know you'll uncover more deals than you can close. You can send them to us for a healthy referral fee. This allows you to make money on the deals you don't do!

Make Your Own Destiny

Stop waiting for the deal you want to randomly show up in your inbox. Go out and find more deals that you know what to do with. Starting TODAY!

Everything is included...

Process documents, copy/paste campaigns, email templates, phone scripts, deal scoring worksheet, and more!

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Here's What You're Getting FREE!

We give you the exact campaigns that we've refined over contacting thousands of businesses. We get a 70% response rate and you can simply copy and paste our success.

Copy/Paste Campaigns


In addition to the initial outreach campaign, we're giving you pre-written templates for the most common responses you'll receive. Simply copy and paste and save yourself a ton of time.

Email Templates


You're also getting a proven phone script we've used with great success in building rapport and acquiring the information you need to make an assessment of the business.

Phone Scripts


Not only do we recommend the best tools to use for the job of managing and automating your deal flow process . . . We show you step-by-step how to set them up and use them!

Software Tools


You'll also get a copy of our famous deal scoring worksheet. It allows you to answer 20 simple questions about the business and get a numerical score so you instantly know if you want to make an offer or not.

Deal Scoring Worksheet


Our system works so well, we know you'll find more deals that you can handle. You can send these over to us for a healthy referral fee, which is like getting free money!

Free Money!


We've included a 18-page process document that shows you exactly how and where to find businesses that match your criteria, how to find the right people to contact and how to get their contact information.


Process Documents

Everything you need to do in order source unlimited off-market deals for yourself is laid out in a simple step-by-step document.


Step-by-Step System

What's The Catch?

By now, you're probably wondering, "This is too good to be true!" and you'd be right if we didn't have an ulterior motive. We're giving you our hard-earned, proprietary system not out of the goodness of our heart, but because we know you'll uncover deals you can't or don't want to close on.

We want you to refer them to us. We're always looking for great businesses to list for sale and we'll happily pay you a healthy referral fee for the deals you send us. That's why we're giving you everything you need to be successful. We want you to succeed because we both win when you do!

Jon Gillham

"The Digital Acquisitions team were great to work with. They helped increase our deal flow with strategic deals. If someone is looking to increase their targeted deal flow I would definitely recommend working with Digital Acquisitions."

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